Monday, December 15, 2008

Pizza Paninis

When we were growing up, I was always “a very good eater” (a little piggie). My brother Cory, on the other hand, lived primarily on the three Ps: pizza, popcorn, and Pop Tarts. it doesn't seem to have harmed him; the kid's smart and 6'3".

Cory is much better now about trying new foods – my jaw dropped a few years ago when we went out for sammiches and he ordered his with green peppers – but I know he still loves his three Ps, and I like to accommodate on occasion and feed the craving.

We were still snowed in at lunch today, and after a morning of rigorous shoveling and vigorous candy drizzling, we threw on some pizza paninis for a quick and easy lunch. This is less of a recipe and more of an idea; and, as with any sammich or pizza, modify the fillings/toppings according to your tastes. I sure do like my ham and pepperoni, but these would also be great with salami, crumbled cooked sausage, and/or whatever veggies float your boat.

Pizza Paninis

Per person:
1 sandwich roll
Italian seasoning
2-3 slices deli ham
2 slices sandwich-size pepperoni
1 slice provolone cheese
1 oz. fresh mozzarella
Pizza or spaghetti sauce, for dipping

1. Slice the roll in half lengthwise and butter the outsides of the roll (as you would for a grilled cheese). Sprinkle with Italian seasoning.

2. In a panini press or frying pan, assemble the panini: Layer ham, pepperoni, and then the cheeses.

We were running short on fresh mozzarella. We had to play nice and share.

3. Add top of bread, and press down to grill. Cut and serve with heated sauce.

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