Saturday, September 19, 2009

Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway!

The hubby and I are in hunker-down-and-wait mode, finishing up last-minute projects around the house, cooking some of our favorite comfort foods, and doing anything else that we might not be able to do with an impressionable child in the house (watching rated R movies with the volume up high, not wearing pants, etc.).

To thank everyone for putting up with my sporadic posts for the past nine months, and my recent tendency for baking cookies for supper instead of real meals, I'm sponsoring my first-ever giveaway!

This is also shameless bribery to keep you coming back when my posts become even more random and sporadic after the baby is born. Which, God willing, is sometime in the next three weeks. (Although I'd take sooner, I really would.) Everyone tells me I won't have time to shower, let alone cook, but I'd like to prove them wrong. On both counts.

Anyway, back to the giveaway. In honor of your patience, we here at Angel in the Kitchen are giving away a $100 gift card to! Yes, one hundred smackeroos. (If you're not familiar with the site, you can purchase discounted gift certificates to some of your favorite local restaurants, print them, and off you go. You might want to cruise around on the site a bit to see which restaurants in your area participate, and any restrictions they might have.)

This gift card can be all yours if you do the following:
  • Send me your favorite yummy recipes with easy preparation. What are your go-to standbys when time is short? Note that crockpot recipes are especially appreciated, because they cater to my laziness. (1 entry per recipe)
  • Link to this post from your blog. (1 entry)
  • I feel compelled to mention Twitter, because everyone else does. But I don't yet tweet. However, if you happen to tweet something, let me know. I can't possibly check up on you. (1 entry)
  • Become a follower of this blog. (2 entries)
  • Add this blog to your blogroll. (2 entries)

Please send any entry info to The deadline for submissions is September 30. I'll randomly select and announce a winner on October 1, with the right to postpone a few days if I'm off having a baby or something. (Excuses, excuses.)

And now, I'm off to make grilled pizza and oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. As always, I suggest you do the same.


Donna-FFW said...

I am a follower:)

No pants on.. always fun when little ones are not around;)

girlichef said... crack me up! First of all...I'm a follower! (do these need to be separate entries????) Just for fun, I'm going to leave a separate entry each time I do an entry requirement. :P

girlichef said...

You are already on my blogroll!

girlichef said...

I just tweeted about your giveaway!!

girlichef said...

One of my favorite (easy) crockpot meals... ...must I email it to you as well? I am lazy. With no pregnancy excuse. Uh yeah, I wanna win. So what. ;)

Chow and Chatter said...

wow what a giveaway veyr generous of you came from girlichef's tweet!!! so it works lol Rebecca

Esme said...

Wow-this is generous-I am following.

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Esme said...


chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Esme said...

Here is a link to a recipe:

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Palidor said...

3 weeks? Wow, that's coming up real fast! But I bet not fast enough for you. ;-)

Great contest and I wish all the entrants luck! I'm pretty much screwed on eating out because of my wheat issue, so I won't be entering. But I'll mention your contest on my next post.

Bunny said...

Good grief girl your blog is fantastic, you're in my side bar. I must go now and investigate all your crazy good recipes. Oh and being able to walk around the house in your underwear when there are no kids in the house is a simple pleasure that I miss...alot *sigh*.