Friday, March 13, 2009

Storm update

The big storm is over, and I think everyone might be finished digging out. And we're looking forward to a week of 45-degree weather to help melt the snow in our yard. Our four-foot fences are buried.

I wanted to post a quick update, because I've been receiving questions about how my family -- especially Cory -- fared. Your concern is touching.

Dad was stranded in Bismarck for two days, then he was stuck in Jamestown until the Interstate opened Wednesday afternoon. He finally got home after 4. He endured well. Every time I spoke with him, he said, "Hi hon, we just got back from eating."

Mom was stuck at home for three days, with only her cats to keep her company. I checked on her a few times, but she was pretty quiet. I'm not sure what went down at the house during that time, but I can picture her pacing in front of the cats, screaming, "They can take my husband. They can take my son. But they can never take my eBay!!!"

Cory did survive, although his tale is one of sacrifice and determination. Here are some snippets from the journal he kept during this harrowing experience:

Tuesday, 2:00 PM: Day 2 looms before me like an abyss. There is no sound quite as lonely as that of the howling wind, and I have nothing but the stench of my own filth to keep me company. Cool, my girlfriend's on Skype!

5:00 PM: The wind continues to blow, and the snow drifts continue to pile up. I need to do my best to conserve my energy and my body heat. After I go take pics of my car.

6:00 PM: My food stores are running very low. After eating my last frozen pizza for lunch, I am savoring the last of my Stop 'n' Go sandwiches for supper. All that is left of my provisions is a bag of microwave popcorn, which I must carefully ration in order to see my way through this ordeal.

7:00 PM: Awesome, North Dakota State is playing on ESPN2. Gotta make some popcorn!

Wednesday, 3:00 AM: After a long day of video production work, my mind and body grow weary. I'll just curl up again on my office floor, using my jacket as a pillow. I'm thankful that narcolepsy runs in my family.

8:15 AM: Woo-hoo, first one at the office again today. Take that, suckas! Speaking of suckers, I just found a Tootsie Pop for breakfast!

The hubby eventually showed up to help shovel him out and get his car unstuck. Cory stayed at the office until "normal time," at which point I'd like to believe he went home and immediately jumped in the shower.

I'd like to believe it, but I don't.

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Anonymous said...

Actually your mother spent the better part of 3 days by her lonesome shopping on eBay and trying to decide if she should return the $250 miracle cream that she ordered (which by the way didn't work).