Monday, March 23, 2009

Flood update

For those who haven't heard, Fargo and other parts of North Dakota and Minnesota are under a flood warning. We're expecting the highest river levels in recorded history, which is a pretty frightening thought. Everyone is pitching in -- several schools and universities have even canceled classes so the students can help. (If you'd like to see more local information, visit the in-forum site. For some ongoing flood photos, see the award-winning photojournalism at

I feel useless because I'm not even allowed to look cross-eyed at a sandbag, let alone fill or carry one. So I'm doing my best to stay busy taking care of things around the homestead, and helping my sister-in-law. She's on the other side of the river, and quite close to it. (Not to mention that the heavy rainfalls are wreaking havoc with her basement.)

So expect postings to be infrequent this week, and please keep us all in your prayers. At this point, we're all just crossing our fingers that the dikes and levees will be high and strong enough to contain the rivers.

I spent most of my evening attempting to clear out a portion of our basement, one light basketful at a time. And then the hubby and I photographed the contents of our house. Just in case.

And then I photographed the contents of my plate.

The reward for my hard work was a glorious piece of fudge truffle cheesecake.

So cruel, I know. If you'd like to help clear out my basement, you can have some, too.


Frugalhomekeeping said...

We saw your area on the national news. Prayers go up from Oklahoma for y'all. Thanks for the absolutely sinful looking fudge truffle recipe!

Sarah K said...

i'm beat. you can call the response line and see what non-bagging help is needed. i think they could use help thurs and fri? manning the phones from midnight to 6am? ugh. or make sweets! ;o)