Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clean-Out-the-Fridge Scrambles

The hubby and I have been out of town for the past several days, sleeping in, shopping, and packing ourselves full of restaurant food, so we wanted something lighter for supper. And returning home is always hectic – luggage is strewn about, the laundry has piled up, and (gasp!) the Tivo is full. We certainly didn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but we also don’t keep a lot of convenience foods on hand.

So 7:45 found me standing in front of the fridge, wearing jammies and pigtails (me, not the fridge), gazing at the sad emptiness of the shelves. We have veggies. And … more veggies. No milk, so my Cheerios would have to wait. No bread, so no grilled veggie sammiches. The grocery store isn’t far. But the switcheroo to jammies is irreversible.

Thankfully, we had eggs.

And thus, I present to you Clean-Out-the-Fridge Scrambles, written in the prose stylings of one Peter Spier, whose book I read aloud to my little brother 1,037 times one summer.

Note: The following is not fine dining. It’s not even a recipe. But it was yummy. Also, if you’re not familiar with Peter Spier, no, I’m not drunk.

Hungry. Nothing to Eat.
Let’s make a scramble.

Need 4 turkey breakfast sausages, cooked and chopped.
Need 1 green pepper, chopped.

Need 4 eggs.
Need salt and pepper.

Need 2 green onions, chopped.
Need 2 ounces pepperjack cheese, shredded.



Cory said...

This is your brother; thanks for the mention.

Scrambles look good!

Growing up with Peter Spier books... not good for writing development.

Anonymous said...

Peter Spier? sounds like a porno actor.