Monday, October 26, 2009

Slow Cooker Short Ribs

I'm so excited. I finally discovered that I CAN get bone-in beef short ribs from my local supermarket. Apparently they're available if you use online shopping/grocery delivery. (Yes, I suppose I could've asked for them at the store. We North Dakotans don't like to make waves.)

The hubby and I had our groceries delivered for four weeks after the little man was born, because we weren't yet confident enough to take him out and about. Also, with flu season, we were trying to let the Jack-baby's immune system build up a bit, and hopefully not expose him to the H1n1 flu.

Plus, we're lazy. (Last weekend, the pizza man and grocery man bumped into each other at our front door. Along with my little brother, Cory. How embarrassing.) The pizza man brought pizza. The grocery man brought (you guessed it) groceries. And Cory? He brought .... H1N1.

Yes, he got sick with it while staying with us. That was a week ago, and so far, so good as far as the hubby, Jack, and I are concerned. (Cory didn't fare as well. He had complications. Although he WAS released from the hospital yesterday.)

It's a scary, scary flu season out there, especially for the little ones. Especially when H1N1 vaccines are in such low supply. Especially when the first batch that reached your state froze and no longer worked. But I digress.

I was going to make some sort of Moroccan short ribs in the slow cooker today, but when it came down to it, I just wasn't hungry for Moroccan short ribs. I decided to introduce us to the wonderful world of bone-in short ribs using just a basic meat 'n' potatoes recipe. I was in a hurry and just randomly threw a bunch of things in. Overall, the ribs were incredibly tasty, and the meat was very buttery and tender. Almost too rich. Dare I say that I might avoid bone-in short ribs in the future, just because I'm more used to leaner cuts of meat?

In other news, awards! I'd like to thank Palidor at Crazy Asian Gal for the following award.

Palidor is so kind and sweet. She lives in The Land Without Symphony Bars (also called "Canada"*), and her blog is among my favorites to read. How she comes up with such yummy recipes while eating gluten-free, I'll never know.

I'd like to pass this award on (see, I'm getting the hang of this!) to the following bloggers:
  • girlichef: Her derring-do in the kitchen tops all others. (She makes her own fresh mozzarella and cream cheese!) Plus, she lets me private e-mail her with all kinds of annoying questions. She should be sainted. If I could bottle her energy, I'd ... keep it all for myself.
  • Accountants can cook?: Accountants apparently can write, as well. Aside from the yummy recipes, I just love the narrative style. And she puts her meal plans on her Blackberry. I think that makes her my hero.
  • My Tasty Treasures: I salivate, giggle, and blush every time I read her blog.
  • My Year on the Grill: He grills anything. He says anything. Today, while catching up on his posts, I laughed so hard that I sprayed juice out of my nose. Now THAT's an endorsement.

*Let it be known that I harbor no grudge against Canada. I love Canada. I visit frequently. I honeymooned there. They have great concerts. Although I do notice a huge difference in Old Dutch potato chips across our northern border. Is this because of some difference in Dutch heritage in Canada versus the U.S.? Just wondering.

Slow Cooker Short Ribs
Serves 4

2 lbs. bone-in beef short ribs
Salt, pepper, and steak seasoning (recommend Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick)
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 c. dry red wine
3 c. beef broth, divided
2 c. halved baby carrots
3 c. chopped potatoes
1/2 onion, peeled, root intact
1 dried bay leaf
1/2 tsp. dried thyme
1/2 tsp. dried rosemary
1 tsp. seasoned salt
1/4 c. cornstarch

1. Sprinkle short ribs on all sides with salt, pepper, and steak seasoning.

2. Preheat oil in a saute pan over medium-high heat.

Tip: Don't forget about the oil while you're facing the other way, chopping carrots, or you'll smoke up the entire room. And if you have an open floor plan, this means the entire main floor of the house. And then you'll have to wake up the hubby to go take the baby downstairs so they can both breathe, and you can open the windows to the 44-degree air and attempt to clear out the smoke over the course of the next hour.

3. Brown the ribs on all sides in the oil, about 8-10 minutes total.

4. Place ribs in slow cooker. Pour off any remaining oil in the pan.

5. Pour wine and 2 1/2 c. broth in pan, scraping up the bits from the bottom. Pour wine and broth into slow cooker.

6. Add carrots, potatoes, onion, and seasonings.

7. Cook on high for 3 1/2 hours, or on low for 7 1/2 hours.

8. Combine 1/2 c. beef broth and cornstarch, and stir into beef mixture. Cook an additional 30 minutes, or until gravy is thickened. Season with additional salt and pepper, to taste. (I used a lot of salt, something like 2-3 teaspoons.)

9. Remove onion and bay leaf before serving.


monicajane said...

I finally have a crock pot and if I can find ribs of this sort I'm going to do this as my first dish in it.

sounds delish.

We've had the swine flu in the house too. My husband had it. He's fine now and I've escaped. I don't want the vaccine, but I never seem to get infectious illnesses so I think we're done...

I hope you and yours do well and that Cory has a strong recovery a
and the rest of you stay healthy.

How scary that he needed to spend time in the hospital.

Diana H said...

This sounds like a great stick in the crockpot and leave it meal. I like meat without fat too, but every once in a while I'm willing to pull it off.

Palidor said...

The first part of your post made me worry for you... the second part made me laugh... the third part made me drool! Yes, we don't have symphony bars and lots of other yummy things (like raspberry chocolate chips) that you have.

I'm glad to hear your little bro is out of the hospital and I do hope that you and your family will avoid H1N1.

Cathy said...

First off...thank you for the award! And wow...hope your brother is ok. I've been in bed with the "regular" flu for the past 3 days...first time I've had to take a sick day in 3 years.

The only place I have found bone in short ribs in Calgary is at the asian supermarket (of all places).

And what's the difference with Old Dutch potato chips??

Spryte said...

I've never tried beef short ribs... but have been wanting to! Yours look great!!

We had a round of H1N1 at my house too... just me & my daughter... hubby, son and step-daughter remain flu-free!

Glad you're brother is better and you all escaped unscathed!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I love short ribs! Your recipe sounds yummy. I use boneless and bone-in. That way it doesn't get too rich. I like to serve it over cheesy polenta.
Gosh, I'm sorry to hear your brother has such a rough go. Hope you and all yours stay well.
I'll try your recipe next time I make short ribs. Thanks!

Tami said...

This dish looks so good! I have to search for short ribs in my area. The last picture makes me want to grab a fork and dig right in!

Donna-FFW said...

Thank you so very much for this award.. I am so honored you thought of me..

Yor short ribs look fall off the bone delicious, dontcha love the crockpot!!

Spryte said...

Oh yeah... there's a little something for you over here...

Anonymous said...

I hope your brother is ok. Please check my super soup post out - it is a great immune booster and I am convinced that this was the reason why my husband and I avoided getting the flu while my daughter had it and I do also think it made my daughter feel better as well.

The ribs look fantastic!

Shirley said...

I have trouble finding short ribs at my market but after seeing your recipe I'm going to try harder to find them. They look scrumptious.

I had to laugh at your comments about having everything delivered. I went through a time like that too. On a corner near our house was a chinese restaurant, a pizza joint and a chicken place that all delivered. Dinner was covered three night a week. It sure made things easier after working all day.

heartnsoulcooking said...

Short ribs come out so TENDER!!! in the slow cooker. They just fall apart. THANKS!!! for sharing your recipe.

girlichef said...

I bet the house smelled flippin' awesome all day long!! Glad you guys have steered clear of that nasty stuff...keep it that way..poor little bro :( ! Congrats on your award and for passing it on to me...too super cool, I LOVE it!

Barbara said...

H1N1 is crossing everyone's path. My sister's family has it- older members did not get it. 16 year old got hit the worst, but she's OK.
I adore short ribs; such a wonderful winter comfort food. I leave the fat on- so much flavor there- and skim it off later.
Great recipe and super pics!

3 hungry tummies said...

looks wonderful, will try this on our next cold night :)

Esme said...

these look great. I love crockpot meals.